Crafts + Cupcakes DIY Workshops
Crafts + Cupcakes DIY Workshops

Project Description

Created in January of 2013, “Crafts+Cupcakes” is a DIY Workshop series by Sheena LaShay. The purpose of the workshop event is to encourage each guest to tap into their senses, imagination and creativity to spur new and unique items and ideas. Using crafts as a vehicle to further self-reflection, thoughtfulness, fun and community, Crafts + Cupcakes has held numerous events throughout NYC where previous crafts included Vegan Handmade Candles, Organic Lip Balms, DIY Bleached T-Shirts, Homemade Sugar & Salt Body Scrubs, Art Journals, Vision Boards,  DIY T-Shirt Necklaces, Original Vegan Food Recipes and DIY Sharpie Mugs.

Attendee Feedback

“Thanks again for hosting an awesome party- it was a great mental vacation for the afternoon, and boy did I need that… Crafts were super fun, thank you for donating your supplies, I’m inspired to do more!”

“Thanks for the recipes.  And a bigger thank you for having these workshops. I always learn something new about the world in general and myself in particular.  Mostly I walk away feeling renewed, empowered and satisfied.”

“I’ve been in such a funk lately that I haven’t quite been able to shake myself out of, and today was just what my soul needed. It was really awesome to be around a new group of women with positive energy, and i definitely walked away with more than the craft projects. I was really looking forward to today and didn’t want to leave by the time I had to go. Needless to say, PLEASE keep ‘em coming! I’m totally looking forward to the next one”


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