Femme! Product and Shop Launch
Femme! Product and Shop Launch

Project Description

I was hired by Femme! Creator, Bernadette Pleasant to photograph her summer lifestyle product line to be featured on her website’s new shop. “Femme! is more than a dance class, it’s an experience.” The Femme! Experience is a fusion of sensual movement, dance, meditation, creative visualization and celebration of the feminine form. Femme! as a lifestyle empowers and invites women to reclaim their feminine power and to boldly display that power as they walk throughout the world. When a woman “lives Femme!” she radiates her unique magnificence through her body, her work, her relationships and with everyone and everything she comes in contact. With Bernadette’s product line the Femme! woman can feel radiate with her curated collection of products!


Live Femme!

Commissioned Work

Product Photography / Creative Direction

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