Live Love Move
Live Love Move

Project Description

I was hired by Nia Instructor and Registered Polarity Therapy Practitioner, Teresa D’Angela to produce a series of marketing videos for the launch of her new brand, Live Love Move, as well as provide business consulting on strategy, social media, consumer engagement and more. (Behind the scenes photos can be found here.)

LIVE LOVE MOVE offers unique and innovative classes, workshops, group and private sessions configured to individual or wellness program needs that are fun, engaging and conditioning, helping attendees to connect and express themselves in healthy, healing ways. Moving Meditation, The Nia® Experience and Ageless Grace® are offered in various settings for all ages and fitness levels — from pre-school to older adults. The communities are warm and welcoming — open to all abilities.

Teresa is a Nia® 1st Degree Black Belt Instructor and Registered Polarity Therapy Practitioner certified in Massage. She holds a Master of Science in Communications and has transitioned through careers in radio and television broadcasting, educational and legal publishing, and organizational change/project management with the world’s largest professional services firm. She offers classes, private coaching, chronic pain programs and lifestyle workshops for businesses and organizations. She co-hosts Dwell In Possibilities, an annual women’s retreat for inspiration and renewal.


Client: Teresa D’Angelo
Videographer & Director : Sheena LaShay
Co-Creative Director: Krista Purnell
MUA & Stylist: Karen Chambers
BTS Photographer: Mike D’Angelo 



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Videography / Video Editing / Directing

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