Project Description

I was commissioned to shoot portrait and boudoir photographs for Burlesque Dancer, Right Now Rouge. This project also included videography services as well, so as to film the next part in her “Live Nude Art Series.” This was a fun project as it was done on a public beach and boardwalk. I was pleasantly surprised at how open all the pedestrians were to what she was doing. One, she was never completed nude, she had an invisible thong on and pasties, until she painted over her nipples. But with the nature of the shoot, the sunflowers, and the energy…everyone came over to pay her compliments, take photos and more. One woman even said the sunflowers she painted on her body held special meaning to her family.

Right Now Rouge is a Brooklyn based model and dancer, and works as a painter under the pseudonym, C.D. Lang. She is the resident body paint model and Burlesque Dancer for The Sweet Spot show, a costume designer, foodie, nude enthusiast and makeup junkie.

  • Director of Photography: Sheena LaShay
  • Artist/Painter/MUA: Right Now Rouge
  • Behind the Scenes Photographer and Production Assistant: Tarishi
  • Production Coordinator: Laurielle Noel


Commissioned Work

Photography / Boudoir / Intimate Portraits

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