My Wander Year
My Wander Year
My Wander Year

Project Description

I was hired by the My Wander Year Leadership team to create and lead a training workshop centered on photography including blogging and journaling tools to assist in preparing their members for their journey of living abroad for a year. The theme was on “Capturing Moments,” a concept I defined as “To take possession of the present time. To represent and record an aspect of importance. To hold space, to note and identify your fleeting and significant life.”  In addition to addressing their goals and challenges of documenting their day to day lives through visual and written storytelling techniques aligned with their values and nomadic lifestyles, I also created a one-month photo challenge (#MWYPhotoADay) to kick off the first leg of their living abroad journey to Prague.

My Wander Year is a cultivated community of over 30 individuals who will travel the globe for one year.  They will learn new things, gather new experiences, and make lifelong connections. Through their year long journey, they will travel to four different cities around the world and stay in each location for three months, just long enough to make it feel like home. Their Chief Wanderist, Libryia Jones, began My Wander Year out of a desire to see the world with her daughter. Frustrated with missing out on opportunities to live outside of the country in the past, she decided to create this opportunity for herself, her daughter, and anyone who, for whatever reason, thought it was not available to them.


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 Social Media/ Photography /  Workshop Leader

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