Naked for Ten Years
Naked for Ten Years
Naked for Ten Years

Project Description

I was commissioned to shoot portrait and boudoir photographs for Fashion Expert, Lisa Marie Phoenix Jackson. She stated that her shoot was, “a gift for myself, a gift for my partner, and a gift to the world. Ever since your Boudoir packages were announced, I immediately shared that it would be dope to be photographed by you because I know you could truly capture my evolution (due to your ability to capture people and your gift of sight).”

Immediately after our shoot, I received the following message. “Thank you so much. You are phenomenal. Your direction is great. Your presence is peace. I had a ball. Trying some new moves I learned later….” <– After my shoots, you can take some of what I teach you and infuse it into you love life, date nights or sex life.

Once she received her final photos, her response was as follows, “Oh my goodness. I never knew I could look like that. Your direction. Your eye. I’m freaking out right now! Oh my goodness. I want my grandkids I don’t have yet to see these and know it is OK to be comfortable in the skin they are in. Oh my goodness. Freaking! Does everyone you capture end up freaking out? I am zooming in to make sure it is me. It gets even better. You are trying to take me out before I can reach the new year! THANK YOU SO MUCH SHEENA. I swear I’m not screaming at you, I’m just happy! I haven’t even finished scrolling and I am like a newborn staring at her reflection for the first time. In all seriousness though, many have taken pictures of me, but no one has captured me. I appreciate you embracing my quirkiness, patiently coaching me, and letting me laugh freely. You’re gifted and talented. I’m humbled to have had the opportunity to be seen by you. Thank you is a start.” – Lisa Marie Phoenix


Lisa Marie Phoenix Jackson is a Fashion PM Consultant, Education, Speaker and Digital Marketing Manager.


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