NYC Nomadness Photography Workshops
NYC Nomadness Photography Workshops

Project Description

In 2015, I co-hosted and lead 3 exclusive photography meetup workshops with my partner, Wayne Gowdie for the Nomadness Travel Tribe. As members of the tribe travel all over the world, capturing images of their adventures, it was our goal to give them tools, tips and practical photography exercises on how to improve their photographic eye and visual storytelling skills.

For each photography workshop, we select a theme and a few key locations to shoot and explore.Whether attendees have a DSLR, Point & Shoot or smartphone, we encourage them to participate. No experience is required.

Nomadness Travel Tribe is a travel lifestyle brand representing the under represented demographic in mainstream travel. They feel they are the travel influencers and innovators in urban travel with a membership of over 10,000 world wide.


Nomadness Travel Tribe

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