Sensual Eroticism New York
Sensual Eroticism New York

Project Description

In May of 2015, I created and lead a co-ed workshop called “Sensual Eroticism” as a private workshop series for select members of Nomadness Travel Tribe. Sensual Eroticism is a 12 hour workshop in which attendees dive deeper into their sensual experience, witness and hold space for one another and explore power, vulnerability and play. I believe there it is a courageous and beautiful act to look someone in their eye and be honest, open, transparent and vulnerable and each attendee was challenged int his way. Exercises included provocative writing exercises and prompts, sensual yoga and movement work, guided discussions on sex, pleasure and more, a lap dance/ floorwork/strip tease class, kink discussions & demo, sensate exercises, and more.

Attendee Feedback

  • “Thank you for giving me a safe space to be open and tap into the better side of me.”
  • “I had a great day with wonderful people. Thank you all for your honesty and trusting me with your truths.”
  • “Thank you Queens. Insight and shared truths was wonderful. I have ’20 things to write.’ “
  • “Thank you for allowing me to participate in this exercise. I feel that I have been stretched mentally no matter how uncomfortable I found myself being comfortable in the uncomfortable.”


Nomadness Travel Tribe

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Event Management / Workshop Host 

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