Speak Play Love Panel
Speak Play Love Panel

Project Description

In June of 2017, in the fifth part of my panel series, co-created¬†with Wayne Gowdie, we produced, “Speak. Play. Love. A conversation on identity, awareness, sexual liberation and sexual revolution” in partnership with BurrowsInk.

Topics covered included gendered views on our bodies, fears in engaging physically with others, lessons taught on sex, the definition of the liberation man and woman, intimate and sensual platonic relationships, the black male nude body, and the black jezebel woman. We created this panel series so that there was safe space for every gender type to speak freely within a community. We aim to facilities conversations that promote self-awareness, self-reflection and personal responsibility.


Sheena LaShay LLC, Sirens&Wolves and BurrowsInk

Commissioned Work

Event Management / Panelist / Host & Moderator

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