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I was hired to photograph the 150 commission painting series by artist Ainsley Burrows for “The Maroon Series.” A series I wager is one of the most important collections of work in our lifetime and for generations to come. The series is bold, revolutionary, hearbreaking, vibrant, staggering, gut wrenching and historical.

Ainsley writes, “A decisive part of my personal belief system is about rebellion; being an individual, your own person… about not being a slave to anything. Also, I was born in Jamaica and received a vigorous formal and informal education on history and the social sciences. The Maroons of Jamaica at their core are rebellious, freedom fighting people; so telling our story was important and inescapable. The Maroons are the first group of African people in the western hemisphere to have taken full autonomy from European powers. This series is a depiction of the historical context that led to their rise; and the hindsight perspective that reveals a direct relationship to African spirituality, African art, modern day dissent and even their connection to modern popular culture. Read More here.


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