Vermont Weekend Travel Meetup
Vermont Weekend Travel Meetup

Project Description

In April of 2016, I hosted a private weekend group trip for 50 mainly African-American, mostly millennial international travelers in Vermont for a 4 day weekend getaway of relaxation, connection, and bougie fun via carpools, trains, shuttle buses, tiny planes and more. This four-day event was co-hosted by Tamara Hawkins of Stork and Cradle, Noonie Greene of Socially Single, Omar McKenzie of Omega Imagery and myself, Sheena LaShay. Everyone attending were members of various online travel communities such as Nomadness Travel Tribe,  Bucket List Beast and Up in the Air Travel.

To learn more about how I plan and host creative weekend group trips, read part one of my “Vermont” series.

Sirens & Wolves is a hospitality and event management company known for curating and creating interesting events for a community that has become a safe space for the taboo “others” of society. Taboo is defined as set apart as sacred & forbidden for general use. By creating experiences that are uninhibited, empowering, enlightening and thought provoking, they tend to strip away the pretense and facade that happens in every day culture. They actively embrace openness, strength, vulnerability and a little bit of majestic bougie.



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