Sensual Erotic Dance Class

Wild Magical Woman ‘Sensual Erotic Dance’ is a movement practice for setting sensuality, sexuality, and eroticism to motion fusing the body, mind and spirit by Sweet Spot ‘Pop Erotica’ burlesque dancer and creative artist Sheena LaShay.


  • If you want to feel the power of your sexuality, your sensuality and your eroticism…
  • If you want to explore vulnerability, authenticity and expression…
  • If you want to feel good and have a lot of fun….


…Try any of the Sensual Erotic Dance movement classes and workshops in the Wild Magical Woman series!

Sensual Erotic Dance Philosophy

In order to tap into your authentic nature, truth and power, I believe you have to move your body. Through a living practice of sensuality, movement and creativity, you can access a part of yourself that has been systemically repressed for thousands of years.


A vast majority of people live trapped in their bodies unable to move in freedom. Many are afraid of being outcast and labeled as tramps, harlots and whores for exploring an innate gift that is part of their personhood. Due to this repression, you find women reserving themselves and attempting to be smaller, quieter and “well behaved” in every possible way at the expense of their natural authenticity.


If living wholly as a human being at our highest potential is important, such repression cannot continue. To be a FULL human being requires embracing our sensuality, sexuality and eroticism in addition to everything else that makes us who we are. There are many ways to do this. Morality, cultural norms, and personal preferences are but some of the factors that will influence how a person explores this side of themselves. One way that I have found that allows for unabashedly expression that has led to my personal freedom is through movement. What better way to accept and explore our physicality than to actually engage our bodies in movement, such as dance. More specifically, sensual & erotic dance.

The ‘female’ body has tremendous power, and we are only now beginning to revisit that power, not as something to be wielded for manipulative purposes, or something to be ashamed of, but as something to embrace, explore and share.”


~ Claire Griffin Sterrett, Social Worker & Dance Instructor

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Sensual Erotic Dance Videos

Sensual Erotic Dance Workshop Offerings

The Wild Magical Woman ‘Sensual Erotic Dance’ workshops are available for small groups and a limited amount of private clients. Click the title of each workshop to read through a more in-depth description. If you have any questions or want to make a workshop completely customized, please feel free to email me.

Sensual Core Flow (WMW Level 101)

This is a guided movement class that gives you the core flow of freestyle sensual movement. In this class you will be guided through a warm up, followed by prompts that inspire physical expression and organic movement style. The class incorporates lap dance, floor work, chair dance and/or strip tease.

Hit the Spot Burlesque (WMW Level 101)

This is a high energy guided movement class that gives you the core flow and choreography of Pop Erotic Burlesque, co-taught by Right Now Rouge and Sheena LaShay. In this class you will be guided through a warm up, followed by instructions of show stopping choreography and sultry sensual freestyle focused on stage presence, storytelling, subtext and seduction. The class incorporates lap dance, floor work, chair dance, strip tease and/or props.

Sensual Intuition (WMW Level 102)

This is a guided movement class that gives you a deeper vocabulary of motion for sensual freestyles. In this class you will be guided through a warm up followed by prompts focused on breath, stretch, tension, and power utilizing your environment and the natural rhythm of your body.

Pitch A Fit - Exploring Emotionality (WMW Level 201)

If you’ve ever been accused of being too emotional or even being emotionally unavailable, this is the class for you. If you have default emotions you tend to experience and you want to go deeper in your experience, this is the class for you. This is a guided movement class that explores a wide range of human emotions set to music and motion.  You will be guided through a warm up followed by emotional journaling prompts and then it will all be set to motion.

Animal Instinct - Exploring Primal Creature (WMW Level 202)

This is an erotic guided movement class exploring the essence of primal animal and creature play. In this class you will be guided through a warm up followed by prompts focused on animal instincts with a sexy twist.

Evoke and Provoke (WMW Level 203)

This is a sexy guided movement class exploring what happens when opposite attract in motion. In this class you will be guided through a warm up followed by prompts focused on attraction and repel.

Moving Mindfulness (WMW Level 301)

This is a sensual guided class exploring movement meditation practices while incorporating spirited and mindfulness techniques such as chakra work and self awareness exercises within a sensual and erotic framework. In this class you will be guided through a warm up followed by intentional play prompts for self discovery and expression.

Sensual Eroticism (WMW Level 401)

This is an intimate, co-ed 12 hour workshop immersion in which attendees dive deeper into their sensual experience, witness and hold space for one another and explore power, vulnerability and play. Exercising courage and beauty, attendees connect via honesty, openness, transparency and vulnerability. Sessions and exercises include provocative writing exercises and prompts, grounding rituals, sensual yoga and movement work, guided discussions on sex, pleasure and more, a lap dance/ floorwork/strip tease class, kink discussions & demo, sensate exercises, sensual meals and more. Workshops have been hosted in Atlanta, New York and Washington DC.

Please Note

All Sensual Erotic Dance classes/workshops range from 90 minutes to 2 hours long, unless otherwise noted. Every class includes a guided warmup and cool down. No previous dance or movement experience is required. Classes can include choreography and/or freestyle movement prompts. Some classes include writing exercise and other engaging assignments to inspire creativity and freedom of play.


You must have taken both WMW 101 and WMW 102 classes to take any other classes in the Wild Magical Woman series. (The exceptions would be “Hit the Spot Burlesque” and “Sensual Eroticism.” Those two workshops can be taken separate from any other WMW classes.)


Please bring layers of clothing that feel comfortable, sexy and allow for movement, as well as heels. Also please bring your own yoga mat or large towel, water bottle and journal.

The work that you do and your expertise in eroticism is amazing. The art of the sensual, the empowerment of the female sexual mind/condition, the bold, the brash, the feather, the lace, the silhouettes…. you embody it with your perspective and aesthetic. Women would truly rule the world if they ever harnessed a fraction of your energy.

~ Marc Kelly, Entrepreneur

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“I’ve been trying to figure out how to express with words what I experienced last night. It was so amazing to be in the presence of so many goddesses not afraid to share their strength and connect with other equally gifted women. To the men who witnessed everything, thank you for allowing us to freely give our energy and feed off of yours. This was my highlight of the weekend.”

~ Danielle Washington, Entrepreneur

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